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Anchovies tell about a very fresh fish, processed with ancient procedures: they are catched in the best season, offshore and processed in short time, to grant and maintain their freshness. The result can be tasted in these pleasant sea-flavoured meaty fillets.

In our seas the anchovy is catched between May and September, but the best ones are those taken between May and June: the anchovies in this period have not completed their migration
and so their fleshes are tastier and tender. Fior Fiore dell’Acciuga is born from this selection.


Fior d’Acciuga

An innovative line, also in packaging, with the genuine quality of our traditional products.


Our excellence. The historical brand with our family name.


A complete range of in-oil fishery products and others.

Don Pasquale

A high-quality salted products line which pays homage to the company founder.


Our oldest brand which collects the salted anchovy tradition.


An in olive oil product line with a perfect balance between quality and prize.


50 years of experience

The ideal climate for the seasoning of preserved fish,
typical of the southwestern Sicily,
the exclusive usage of the Mediterranean fish that is different for its flavour, brightness and scent, the tradition, the experience, the love for this job that Pasquale Carlino, founder of the business, passed down to his sons, make, also today, that the company is an important reference point in the fishing industry.

Since 1984 Dimino & Carlino company was absorbed by Carlino srl and everything passed under Carlino’s family control.
As a result of the market positive response, concurrent with the export in different foreign countries, in 1993, some technological instruments, necessary for the on-site production of fillets in oil and anchovy paste, are bought.