Just the best of the Sicilian tradition

The ideal climate for the seasoning of preserved fish,
typical of the southwestern Sicily,
the exclusive usage of the Mediterranean fish that is different for its flavour, brightness and scent, the tradition, the experience, the love for this job that Pasquale Carlino, founder of the business, passed down to his sons, make, also today, that the company is an important reference point in the fishing industry.


50 years of experience



The business started thanks to Pasquale Carlino, actual sole director’s (Nino) father, who in ‘50s took over the family’s business together with his brother-in-law founding the Dimino & Carlino’s company.


Carlino srl

Since 1984 Dimino & Carlino company was absorbed by Carlino srl and everything passed under Carlino’s family control.


Export and ISO 9001 Certification

The business started to bring to market the filleted in oil products too. First ever in this field, it obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification.

As a result of the market positive response, concurrent with the export in different foreign countries, in 1993, some technological instruments, necessary for the on-site production of fillets in oil and anchovy paste, are bought.


ISO 14001 Certification

Years by years the business has continued to invest for improving, implementing, intensifying and innovating its production, maintaining a high quality standard thanks to an industrial method but in an artisan way, respecting the environment and the sustainability. In this way the business obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001.


Innovative packaging patent “La Barchetta”

The company decided to launch a complete and diversified vacuum bowls line, fulfilling, through a patented format “LA BARCHETTA” an innovative, modern and captivating packaging, able to maintain the product in optimal conditions.


Restyling of the corporate brand and premium line “Fior d’Acciuga” production

After obtaining BRC and IFS certifications the company is present beyond Italy in 14 countries and 4 continents with its products, so it has started a brand restyling and the production of FIOR D’ACCIUGA line for the premium market.